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About lend your light


Lend Your Light is operated, coded, designed, managed, and supported financially by Steve Rigell. Learn more about Steve at https://steverigell.com.


Lend Your Light is supported entirely by the profits from sales of t-shirts at Talkin-Tees.com. Lend Your Light does not have a tax exempt status. If you would like to support Lend Your Light, please consider purchasing a Talkin-Tee for yourself or as a gift. Thank you!


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who we are:

Lend Your Light is an informal, self-appointed, volunteer association of souls unified by our intent to progressively facilitate the evolution of our collective human spirit by Lending Our Light to our fellow humans and our planet.

why Lend your light?

People all over the world are looking at the predicaments humans are in and are wanting to do something, but because of the scale and complexity of the messes we’re in, they don’t know where to start. Lend Your Light is a place to start. Get involved. Let’s do something together!