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lend your light - 04-23-2022 - by steve rigell - https://lendyourlight.org/home/

Let’s face it.

We humans have painted ourselves into a corner. Even if we weren’t the ones sloshing paint on the floor, we watched it happen and did nothing to stop the sloshers.
Now that we’re here, it’s dawning on us how big the predicament we’re in really is. And how small the corner we’re in is.

But wait. There’s more.

Our population is still growing which means our world is still shrinking.

And portions of our world are becoming uninhabitable so people are moving to other areas which pisses off the people who are already there. 
Meanwhile, greedy capitalist corporations are busy making profits by exploiting the earth’s limited resources and, of course, exploiting people. Eventually they will exploit everything required for life to exist, including clean air and clean water.
They show no signs of moderating their behavior. 
And we haven’t even talked about pollution, plastics, arctic methane, ocean temperatures, weather patterns, pandemics, extinctions, inequality, ecological overshoot, political corruption, diminishing resources or a host of other related issues.
This predicament is bigger and more complex than any that humanity has ever faced.

it should be clear

It  should be clear at this point the only thing that’s going to save the day for humanity is magic. 
That’s right. Magic is the only logical solution.

Magic is our only option.

Our predicament is just too big and too complex and we are just too divided and too unaware to get the job done without magic. We’re just not that organized.
This is that moment Einstein was talking about when he said, “The thinking that got us here will not get us where we need to go.” 
If this isn’t clear to you now, it will be at some point before you die.
If, however, this requirement for magic is clear to you already, please read on, because I have a favor to ask. It’s not for me. I’m going to ask you to do yourself a favor.

only humans can do this.

This magic we need, can only be made by humans working together. In other words, we have to become magicians and cooperate with other humans. 
I know that sounds impossible, but it is really simple. Like Winnie the Pooh simple.
All you have to do is Lend Your Light.

Here’s what that means.

We all have ways of making light. Everyone does it a little differently.
Maybe you meditate. Maybe you pray.  Maybe you visualize light emanating from your heart. Maybe you care for people who need care. Maybe you are a steward for a plot of earth. Maybe you hold the earth in your healing hands. Maybe you practice what the Quakers call ‘holding in the light.’ 
Maybe you don’t do any of these things.
Maybe you just have a great smile and love to laugh. That’s cool! Very cool!

It’s the intention that counts.

If you just do what you do with the intention of Lending Your Light, it will help create the magic we need to get ourselves out of this corner.

That's all there is to it.

This is the simplest magic there is, so this is where to start. As you get better at Lending Your Light, your heart will lead to into other opportunities to develop your Light Lending magic.
Then, if you encourage people you know to pitch in and Lend Their Light, we can create the magic we need to get ourselves out of this corner. Your friends. Your brothers and sisters. Your parents. Your kids. Everyone can pitch in.

We have to try.

This is something simple that anyone can do. This is something everyone understands.

We need all the help we can get.

Please share this message with other people who care. Other people who are willing to share. Other people who are idealistic and dream of humans cooperating with each other and our planet.

It’s the least we can do.